Christina Oxtoby
Christina's Dogs

webassets/EzeRuShaiSusannahsGarden.JPGChristina's dogs are first and foremost loved members of her family (who have cuddles on the sofa.) They are clicker trained and love their work (no-one's told them it's work, they think it's a game with food and toys!)

(Please note that her dogs are neutered, microchipped, and they refuse to work unless Christina is in the room with them - ie. in monetary terms they are not valuable.)



Ru - Great Dane
















Shai - Border Collie
















Wilma - Basset Hound












Benji - Chihuahua



Eze - Border Collie (my HTM superstar!) - Heavenly Family











Asaph - German Shepherd - Heavenly Family












Caleb - Great Dane - Heavenly Family