Freelance Musician
Christina Oxtoby
Christina is available to hire as a violinist for a wide variety of musical performances from private parties, to business functions, to accompany fine dining in restaurants or easy listening at cocktail parties. This could be anything from classical music, to easy listening, pop / show songs, and would usually be with a piano accompanist and sometimes a drummer. She is also available to hire to play with bands for a variety of performances or recordings. 
Musical background for bands / other musicians...
Christina's main instrument is the violin. She has been classically trained and therefore is happy to play all Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th Century styles of music from sheet music. As well as this she enjoys playing a wide variety of modern music which she usually improvises (or if there is a tune that a particular band would like she can learn by ear.) She has spent well over 20 years playing in a wide variety of bands so is very used to improvising.
She also sings, and is particularly happy singing backing vocals (although she has sung lead vocals on a number of occasions.) She loves to sing harmonies and is very experienced at creating harmony parts when needed. Although she has a strong voice, it blends well with other vocalists.
Although Christina has played the piano for many years it is not an instrument that she would usually choose to perform on other than in very specific circumstances (for example to accompany herself whilst singing.)
For more information please contact Christina