Christina Oxtoby

For a list of workshops that are coming up please see the diary page


OTHER DOG TRAINERS - Christina enjoys working alongside other like-minded dog trainers. If you would like to find out more about the possibility of her taking a workshop for your training centre she would love to hear from you. (This is available throughout the UK and abroad.) A list of workshops that she is particularly interested in are below (although she has taken workshops on other subjects as well.)  

An Introduction to Dog Training and Behaviour - Evening

Cabaret Evening with Christina, Her Dogs and a Sense of Humour! - Evening

HTM (Heelwork-to-Music / Canine Freestyle) Workshop (Heelwork-to-Music / Canine Freestyle) - One or two days, or evening

Calm, Collected and Under Control (and how to deal with dogs that are not yet - a weekend of in-depth but practical training and behaviour insights!) - Two day seminar

Dog Activity Holiday - From one day to five days workshops

Fun Clicker Day - Freeshaping, Film Star Dogs, Assistance Dogs and Other Tricks - One day workshop or a series of lessons

101 Games to Play with Your Dog / Class of Dogs - One day workshop

Recall - One day workshop


Understanding and Dealing with Dog Phobia - for People who are Afraid of Dogs - Length and format of your choosing

For more information please contact Christina