Christina Oxtoby
Business Choir

Nothing pulls a group of people into a team quite like singing together, especially if they then perform together (as can be proved by the success of Gareth Malone's BBC Sing While You Work, Business Choirs.) Christina encourages people to come out of their comfort zone, to try things they thought they could never do which has a knock-on effect on the whole choir then having the confidence to step out into something new. This is ALWAYS done in a supportive, encouraging environment modeled by Christina and copied by the rest of the choir which has an amazing effect of drawing everyone together. Christina's job is to encourage and engage everyone in the choir with her energy and enthusiasm as well as to make them all sound great!

This is available as an intensive course (nationally or locally) or a regular event (locally.)


For more information please contact Christina 


If you would like to find out more and see if this would be suitable for your business or organisation please contact Christina.