Christina Oxtoby
January News 2014
8th January - Term Starts - Welcome back to all of my piano and violin pupils!
17th January - Jazz Violin Lesson - For the first time in 15 years I went down to London for a specialist jazz violin lesson with one of the top jazz violinists in the country - thanks for a great lesson Chris, I'm looking forward to the next one!
18th January - Crufts Main Arena HTM Display Team Practice - Ru and I went to Rugby for the Crufts Heelwork-to-Music Main Arena Display Team practice. This is our 3rd year to be honoured to be invited by the Kennel Club to be part of the team. We had a great day with the rest of the team!
25th January - Crufts HTM Semi Finals - EZE QUALIFIES FOR THE CRUFTS 2014 FREESTYLE FINALS! What a great day - Eze and I managed to make it into the final top 10 dogs and handlers in the country to go through to the Crufts finals - Crufts here we come...!
31st January - Interviews for BBC Radio Lincolnshire - A great morning being interviewed for BBC Radio Lincolnshire about qualifying for Crufts. This was a follow-on interview from being interviewed by them when we were part of HTM Team GB for the Open European Championships last year. Thanks Leigh, great to see you again! (Eze was a really good boy, even showing off some of this moves with Leigh!)