Christina Oxtoby
February News 2014

2nd February - Happy 'Gotcha' Day to Shai - I can't believe we've had Shai for a whole year already, and that it's almost his 3rd Birthday! So glad we've got you Little One, you're such a sweet member of the family. Being at the Crufts Display Team practice the other day brought back memories as he played in the same field that I first met him in almost one year earlier.


14th February - Interview for Spalding Guardian / Lincolnshire Free Press - Lovely to meet Lynn, the reporter doing an interview with me about Eze competing and Ru performing at Crufts this year. It is due to be printed in the next few weeks and the video (as much as we could manage in a relatively small room due to the rain outside!) should also go onto their web-site.


15th February - Pre-Crufts Social and Dog Activities HTM Display Team Practice - A lovely day seeing everyone and their fab dogs! (My three had a great day and were fast asleep for the rest of the evening!)


27th February - Great training day at Channel 4.