Christina Oxtoby
Fun Clicker Workshop

Freeshaping - What can you teach your dog to do without you moving off your chair, armed only with a clicker and a pot of food treats? This may include targeting an object, going round or under an object or a large variety of other behaviours. This is a great place to start if you're new to clicker training to understand how clicker training really works, or a great place to return to if you're already an experienced clicker trainer to sharpen up your timing.


Film Star Dogs - Teach your dog to go to a mark, wave a paw, rest their chin on an object, spin, lift a back leg, hide their eyes and do a variety of other tricks.


Assistance Dogs - Teach your dog to unload the washing machine, pick up dropped items and give them to you, close doors and turn lights on and off.


Other tricks - includes ideas that could (if owners wish) then be used in Heelwork-to-Music / Freestyle


Full day workshops cover all of these areas, shorter training cover one area at a time.


Other info -

Christina passionately believes that tricks are good for dogs and clicker training is an amazing way to teach dogs (and allow dogs to teach you!) Over the last 10 years of teaching dogs and owners she has discovered that they fall into one of three categories -


Lodgers - Dogs and owners exist in the same house and go for walks together but there is no relationship between them. These owners either do not train / spend quality time with their dogs, or if they do train them they use harsh, corrective training. Dogs do not interact with their owners.


Is that all you can think of? - Owners train their dogs (usually with reward-based training) but will practice the same things over and over again (usually sit and down stay, loose lead walking and recall.) Dogs understand their owners and will comply but are bored and not particularly enthusiastic and therefore would often prefer to do something else instead.


You're the BEST person in the world! - Owners train their dogs because they want to spend quality time with them and have fun learning together. Their dogs could do all of the basics long ago and so they're now training for the sake of training (often tricks.) Dogs enjoy using their brains, feeling clever and communicating with their people, owners enjoy playing with, laughing with (yes, dogs do seem to have a sense of humour!) and learning with their dog. Dogs respond quickly and happily to everything their owner asks them to do. (All of Christina's older dogs took their Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold quickly and easily with almost no special training for it. How? - She'd spent time working with each of them to a much higher level than the test, training for the fun of training!)

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