Christina Oxtoby
Puppy Training

This course is open to puppies as soon as they have finished their vaccinations with an upper age limit of 5 months at the start of the course. (Puppies 5 months old and older have moved into the adolescent stage of their life and are welcomed onto our beginner courses.) There are usually a maximum of 6 puppies per class so you can be sure of lots of individual help and attention. Our eventual aim is the same as most owners - a well-mannered and socially acceptable dog who can go anywhere with them. This aim is carried through our follow-on courses as well.

Classes are mostly held in our training poly-tunnels so are wind and rain proof, but not heated (so jumpers and a coat are needed in the winter!) We have found this to be far better for the dogs than village halls because it is non-slip flooring and we also have the equipment to build confidence courses for the puppies as part of their socialisation. 

Puppy Socialisation

Many behavioural problems (often not showing themselves until your dog is between 6 and 9 months old) can be avoided by good early socialisation and a very large percentage of fear based aggression can be traced back to a lack of good early socialisation. Until the age of 14 weeks your pup soaks up information like a sponge. Because of this it is important to socialise puppies with as many things as possible - LOTS of people, other nice dogs (not just 5 or 10, but lots,) places, experiences and objects. It is very important that your dog has a GOOD experience on each occasion. There are so many dogs that we meet with serious behavioural problems that could so easily have been avoided with the right advice when they were a puppy. This is why Christina is so passionate about helping owners to get it right. Due to her experience she can usually spot the early warning signs of potential problems and can give you advice to avoid the problems developing.

The Puppy course includes:

  • 5 practical lessons with your puppy mixing good socialisation and basic obedience including sit, down, stays, recall (coming when called,) and walking on a loose lead. Fun, confidence building courses, clicker training, helpful handling / grooming techniques for owners, pretend vet inspections and some fun tricks to impress your friends and family!
  • 1 theory lesson (lasting 2 hours) that is your first lesson of the course. We will cover how dogs learn, how to read their body language, how to avoid stress and the consequences of stress, understanding clicker training, and various other topics that you need to know before you start. This will cover demos with Christina's own dogs as well as video clips. Please do not bring your own dog to this session. 
  • Help and advice on feeding, puppy biting, house training, exercise, and NOT running off with your wallet and chewing it up etc. (in other words, Christina's here to help you along the way.)
  • Weekly handouts to remind you of what to practice at home.
  • You are welcome to join us for a puppy social walk as part of Vicarage Dogs if you would like!

Cost - £59 per 6 week course (each practical lesson is 55 minutes)
(Please note that this is non-refundable due to the very limited number of places in each class.)


Course Dates -

  • Theory Lesson - Monday 24 April 7:30-9:30pm (please do not bring your dog to this lesson)
  • Practical Lessons (with dogs) - Mondays 7:30-8:25pm - No lesson 1 May (bank holiday) / No lesson 8 May (I'm helping lead another course elsewhere) / 15 May / 22 May / No lesson 29 May (bank holiday) / No lesson 5 June (I'm helping lead another course elsewhere) / 12 June / 19 June / 26 June


For more information please contact Claire (Christina's PA) or phone her on 07410 380545