Christina Oxtoby
Silver Dog Training

These classes follow on from the Bronze classes and are designed to build upon the dogs' earlier learning. The classes incorporate a mixture of exercises taken from the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme syllabus (which is useful but rather boring to teach if that is all that we were to do!) Therefore Christina also includes other exercises to teach dogs to pay attention in a wide variety of situations and circumstances, including everyday life situations, competitive obedience exercises, an introduction to agility, tricks to keep dogs and owners on their toes (it's amazing how many dogs are very quickly bored with sit stays but really start to pay attention again when you throw in the odd twirl here and there!) and games (including our now famous 'Supermarket Sweep'. Technically it may be practicing heelwork, concentration and stays with huge distractions but everyone's having so much fun that they forget that!)

We also concentrate on helping owners learn how to teach their dog various exercises from scratch thus helping owner's training and handling skills. By the time that dogs reach these classes they will have a good level of basic training. The classes also recognise the social side of dog training for both dogs and owners and are designed to be fun.


Cost - £59 per 6 week course (each practical lesson is 55 minutes) (Please note that this is non-refundable due to the very limited number of places in each class.)


Course Dates -


  • This course will start as soon as it is needed - please let us know if you would like to attend...


For more information please contact Claire (Christina's PA) or phone her on 07410 380545