Christina Oxtoby
Speaker and Entertainer
Wow your guests at your next business event with a unique performance from Christina and her dogs. Be amazed at the relationship they have and laugh at seeing the sense of humour of her dogs! Learn how she trained them (and see how, at times, they have trained her!) Also, if you would like, members of the audience can be invited to 'have a go' with working with one of her lovely dogs. Find out how Christina became a dog trainer (and is now living her dream from childhood) and what she has learnt along the way, as well as be entertained by the amazing performances and sheer delight that are her dogs. 
For more information and to discuss your requirements please contact Christina.
About Christina and her dogs
Christina and her dogs have performed at a variety of shows over the years, both as part of the ICC Dog Training team (that Christina used to lead) and as a solo performance. They are available for cabaret events, and after dinner entertainment, as well as arena displays and performances on trade stands. Their essential requirements are - non-slip flooring, (Christina can provide 8x8m non-slip matting) and for a larger audience (or anywhere outdoors) a microphone (ideally a head set mic) and a reliable sound system that will play edited CDs or tracks from an i-phone (and for outdoor shows someone to press 'play'.) Ideally ring sizes will be at least 20m x 20m outdoors however a smaller space is possible for indoor performances, or trade stands etc.

Displays usually include performances from all of her dogs (including Ru, the only dancing Great Dane in the UK who is also an advanced heelwork and freestyle dog, Shai, her advanced heelwork Border Collie, Wilma, the only dancing Basset Hound in the UK who has also stared in TV adverts, and they are joined by the newest member of the family Benji, the Chihuahua puppy to show how Christina trains young dogs to teach them to love performing!) For smaller spaces individual tricks and moves will be shown. She also demonstrates how she teaches the moves to her dogs and how to teach dogs to love working with you! If needed she can include a 'have a go' time for members of the audience with her dogs.  


Christina has competed at -
  • Crufts Freestyle Finals 2014 and 2015 (Main Arena Crufts) finishing 5th in the UK in 2015.
  • HTM Open European Championships in Holland 2013 as part of the team from Britain, and part the British team for 2014 in Germany. 

And performed at -

  • Main Arena of Crufts 2012 & 2013 & 2014 (part of the KC Dog Activities HTM Display Team)
  • Main Arena Belton International Horse Trials
  • Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials
  • Main Arena CLA Game Fair
  • Main Arena Dogs Unleashed
  • The Lincolnshire Show (in association with the Kennel Club)
  • Various trade stands at Crufts 2013 and the Wood Green Animal Shelter stand at Crufts 2014