Christina Oxtoby
June News 2014
21st June - DOGS - Another great training time with the team for HTM Open European Championships. Great training and great laughter (apparently the team have decided that my routine is best finished off with me ending up in a drunken heap! Hmmmmm!)
26th June - DOGS - Agility training day with Jo Tristram and Anthony Clark
28th June - MUSICIAN - What a wonderful day, singing for my friend Chelsey and Matthew's wedding. I surprised them with a bespoke wedding song written just for them (Chelsey's Mum and the Vicar were both in on the secret as well!) Thank you for inviting me to such a lovely day and giving me the honour of being trusted with the music for your special day.

29th June - GOSPEL CHOIR - This was the choir's first public performance singing for the Deanery celebration and they were great, I was so proud of them! Well done all of you - there's no stopping you now! (We have also continued to be inundated with invitations to sing at a variety of events.) 
29th June - DOGS - After getting in the placings several times over the previous few days clever Eze and I finally managed to organise ourselves and won grade 3 jumping - what a good boy, he really tried hard for me (and knew he'd been clever with a huge smile on his face at the end!)