Christina Oxtoby
July News 2014

4th-6th July - DOGS - My dogs and I spent a fab few days doing main arena performances for Just Dogs Live. We also ran a 'Have a go at HTM' ring (with lots of people and their dogs having a go - great fun!) and had a stand giving information to the public about dog training and behaviour. Just Dogs Live organisers also very kindly allowed me to have some info about (and raise money for) the HTM team who are going to the European Championships later on this year. Thank you to Lorraine, Vicky, Helen, Penny (and Penny's Mum,) Stacey and Shelley for all of your help :o)

10th July - MUSICAL DIRECTOR - I've just officially been offered the position of Musical Director for 'Simply Sing' in Kings Lynn. (This will be in addition to the Gospel Choir that I run here.) Looking forward to September when we can start a whole load of new music... 

11th July - DOGS - We were at the food and farming day at the East of England show ground on Friday talking to hundreds of children about clicker training, being safe around dogs and how to speak dog. I was so proud of my lovely dogs, who coped brilliantly with being petted by hundreds of children. Here's a link to a short clip of Eze and I having fun and talking about how we can communicate with dogs using a clicker, so they can understand lots of words
(you'll need to scroll down.) Thanks for inviting us Shelley.

13th July – DOGS - Clever Shai came 3rd in HTM Intermediate Heelwork at Anglesey - good boy!
15th July – MUSIC PUPILS - One of my pupils had their ABRSM exam which I was delighted to later hear that they passed - well done!

19th July - DOGS - I was asked to be part of a special open day at Jolleys Kings Lynn, giving dog training and behaviour advice. I had an enjoyable day chatting to people and also meeting some great members of staff. 

23rd July - CHOIR
– Great evening with the Gospel Choir with our last practice before the summer break (made even better with the addition of cake!)
26th July - DOGS - I had a lovely day (beautifully assisted by Eze, who was a very helpful boy!) taking a workshop for the AETB. We had a great time taking the '101 Games' Workshop in Peterborough. Photos can be seen on their Facebook Page and Shelley (the organiser) wrote about the day  ('What a fabulous day we had yesterday at the 101 GAMES TO PLAY WITH YOUR DOG with the amazing CHRISTINA OXTOBY. Such an lovely group of dogs and people - lovely weather, tho a bit on the warm side for the dogs but Christina put lots of rest periods in for them. Lots of ideas for us to use for our pet dogs and for the trainers amongst us some great ideas for classes. The pictures will be posted shortly - proving the fun times we had! Big thank you to Christina Oxtoby for a brilliant workshop, Davina McMurdo for her help, Matt Catlow for the brew and your man skills when filling up the paddling pools and to all the lovely delegates attending and the dogs for making it a lovely day - Shelley