Christina Oxtoby
Training Philosophy
webassets/AllMyDogsStableDoor.jpgChristina's approach to training dogs is that we should take time to build trust and a bond with them, rewarding what we do want them to do, not trying to punish what we don't want. Training is reward-based, built upon the theory of clicker training, and aimed at helping dogs and owners to understand each other. (She doesn't believe that we should raise spoilt, pushy dogs however, and believes that they need love and boundaries!)

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Please Note -
  • Please ensure that dogs are vaccinated (even if it is only their first vaccination and booster) If your dog has been ill in any way during the last 7 days please DO NOT bring them to class (for their sake, but particularly for the safety of the other members of the class.) Coughing is often Kennel Cough (highly infectious) vomiting or diarrhea can be signs of the highly contagious and deadly parvo virus, amongst others. If your dog has come into contact with a dog suffering from an infectious or contagious disease within the last 21 days please do NOT bring them to class unless they are cleared by your vet. Everyone needs to take this very seriously (and owners will be held accountable to uphold this agreement to the best of their ability) to keep all of our dogs safe. (In the last 11 years this has never been a problem thanks to owners being thoughtful and keeping theirs and other people's dogs safe.) If in doubt, please contact your vet, thank you :o)
  • Class sizes generally have a maximum of 6 dogs, (depending upon the individual dogs and owners.) Workshops can sometimes have more handler places. 
  • All of the training is based on modern, tried and tested reward-based training methods. 
  • Classes are designed to be as stress-free (and enjoyable!) as possible for dogs and owners - if you think something would be unhelpful for your dog, please tell us. 
  • Please clean up after your dog (poo bags - always essential!) If your dog has an accident indoors or if they have an upset tummy (either end!) indoors or outdoors please tell us so that we can disinfect!
  • No check chains, slip leads, prong collars, shock collars or harsh handling is allowed on our training courses.

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