Christina Oxtoby
Always Loved and Missed 
Asaph - Ichthus Asaph HTM N. - ("ik-thus, A-saf") - 1998 (ish) - Dec 2012 (age 14+)
  • The 'Legacy' in the name of Eze, Ru and Shai is Asaph and Caleb's legacy for teaching Christina so much that she can then pass on, thank you to my very special girl x 
  • Long haired black and tan German Shepherd
  • Intermediate HTM Heelwork (Christina's first heelwork dog)
  • Trained in agility
  • Good swimmer (who loved her hydrotherapy)
  • Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold Award
  • Excellent with people (ALWAYS kind and loving to everyone)
  • Good with other dogs
  • Team performances include - Main Arena Belton International Horse Trials / Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials / Main Arena CLA Game Fair / Main Arena Dogs Unleashed
  • Moves known (most known on both verbal and / or hand signal and can be performed at a distance...)


Variety of stays / sit, stand, down / lie flat / leg weaves forwards / twist, twirl / circle handler forwards / send away over obstacles including agility equipment / jump jumps, props / send away around prop / send away through tunnels / send away to a variety of props to end in a variety of positions / forwards figure of 8 around a prop / beg / paw and change of paws / retrieve articles / heelwork in 8 positions - forwards, backwards, sideways and pivot, at fast, slow or normal pace / good swimmer who loves water.

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