Christina Oxtoby
Always Loved and Missed
Caleb - Ichthus CalebAntony ("ik-thus, Kay-leb, an-tow-nee") - sadly died in 2006, age 5

  • The 'Legacy' in the name of our dogs is Asaph and Caleb's legacy (and all of our dogs since them) for teaching Christina so much that she can then pass on, thank you to my wonderful 'big baby' boy for being you (and such tremendous fun to work with.) Your smile and love of training, and the fun we had together will always make me smile to think of you - such a very special boy x
  • Taught Christina how to motivate dogs, how to have fun training, not to accept when people say something can't be done by a 'non-collie' and that every dog has something amazing they can do... you just need to let them show you what that is. Also, to enjoy every second whilst you can.
  • He was the most amazing stooge dog with aggressive dogs and taught Christina to read dogs and how best to defuse reactive dogs, including learning to trust him to know what to do. 
  • Blue Merle Great Dane
  • Novice HTM Heelwork
  • Novice HTM Freestyle (Christina's first HTM FS dog)
  • First (and only apart from Ruach) Great Dane to compete in HTM in the UK
  • Very good with people
  • Moves known (most known on both verbal and / or hand signal and can be performed at a distance...)

Variety of stays / sit, stand, down / leg weaves forwards / twist, twirl / circle handler forwards / walk backwards away from handler, turn and reverse through handler's legs / bow / send away over obstacles including agility equipment / jump jumps, props / roll over / lie upside down with feet in the air / lie flat / front feet up on prop or handler / approx 8 foot jump from standing / stand on back legs / send away around prop / send away to a variety of props to end in a variety of positions /  forwards figure of 8 around a prop / beg / paw and change of paws / retrieve articles / heelwork in a variety of positions - forwards, backwards, sideways and pivot, at fast, slow or normal pace / collected and elevated trot in time with handler 


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