Christina Oxtoby

Always Loved and Missed 

Eze - Legacy's Eze Ezekiel HTM I. Ex., FS A. Ex. ("Leg-a-sees, e-zzy, e-zzy-key-el") - D.O.B. - 15.7.06 - 26.11.16

  • Blue merle tri-colour Border Collie 
  • Competed in the 2014 and 2015 Crufts Freestyle Finals finishing 5th in the UK in 2015. Qualified for the Crufts semi finals 2016 (although unable to attend due to illness) and 2017. 
  • Part of HTM Freestyle Team from Great Britain at the 2013 Open European Championships in Holland, and 2014 in Germany
  • Advanced HTM Heelwork
  • Advanced HTM Freestyle with excellence award
  • Competed in Agility and Competitive Obedience
  • Featured in Your Dog magazine
  • Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold Award
  • Excellent with people
  • Ignores other dogs (as long as they don't crowd him.)
  • Performances include - Main Arena Belton International Horse Trials / Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials / Main Arena CLA Game Fair / Main Arena Dogs Unleashed / The Lincolnshire Show (in association with the Kennel Club) / Main Arena Just Dogs Live / Various charity trade stands at Crufts 2013, 2014 and 2015 plus many other smaller shows.
  • Hard working, very focused
  • Moves known (most known on both verbal and / or hand signal and can be performed at a distance...)
webassets/TVEzeChristinaOEC2013.jpgVariety of stays / sit, stand, down / leg weaves forwards and in reverse / twist, twirl / pivots front and back / circle handler forwards and in reverse / wide outrun around handler in both directions / walk backwards away from handler, turn and reverse through handler's legs / bow / send away over obstacles including agility equipment / jump jumps, props, handler's leg, handler's body / roll over / lie flat / lie upside down with feet in the air / front or back feet up on prop or handler / stand and walk on back legs / hide face with front paw / lift up back leg / send away around prop / send away to a variety of marks / send away through tunnels, chair legs (including reverse through chair legs) / send away to a variety of props to end in a variety of positions / gallop sideways (handler currently needed nearby) / forwards and reverse figure of 8 around a prop / lie down cross paws and change paws / beg, and beg and wave front feet / paw and change of paws / retrieve articles and formal present / jump onto handler's back / stand up on back legs with back feet on handler's feet / heelwork in 8 positions - forwards, backwards, sideways and pivot, at fast, slow or normal pace / good swimmer who loves water.

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