Christina Oxtoby

Ru - Legacy's Ruach FS I. Ex. HTM I. Ex. ("Leg-a-sees, rroo-ac") - D.O.B. - 4.4.07 ('Ruach' means 'Breath of Life' or 'Wind of God')webassets/CruftsRuArenaCane.jpg

  • Great Dane, white with blue merle markings in harlequin pattern
  • Qualified for the Crufts HTM Freestyle semi-finals 2015
  • Advanced HTM Freestyle
  • Advanced HTM Heelwork
  • Performed in the Main Arena of Crufts 2012, 2013 & 2014 (part of the KC Dog Activities HTM Display Team) & in hall 3 in 2017
  • Only Great Dane in the UK to compete in HTM (to the best of our knowledge the most advanced Great Dane to compete in HTM / Freestyle in the world)
  • Featured in Your Dog magazine
  • Photo-shoot for the Daily Telegraph and other UK newspapers and on-line magazines in association with the Kennel Club (with the UK's tallest and smallest men and a Chihuahua!)
  • Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold Award
  • Very good with people
  • Very good with other dogs
  • Performances include - Main Arena Belton International Horse Trials / Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials / Main Arena CLA Game Fair / Main Arena Dogs Unleashed / The Lincolnshire Show (in association with the Kennel Club) / Main Arena Just Dogs Live / The Wood Green webassets/RuPhotoshootSusDownPawCross.JPGAnimal Shelter stand at Crufts 2014 / plus many other smaller shows
  • (Re-homed to us age 6 months - including the breeder we are his 4th home, poor boy.)

  • Moves known (most known on both verbal and / or hand signal and can be performed at a distance...)

    Variety of stays / sit, stand, down / leg weaves forwards / twist, twirl / circle handler forwards and in reverse / wide outrun around handler / walk backwards away from handler / bow / jump jumps, props, handler's legs / roll over / lie flat / lie upside down with feet in the air / front feet up on prop or handler / briefly stand on back legs (approx 6 feet tall on back legs) / hide face with front paw / lift up back leg / send away around prop / send away to a variety of props to end in a variety of positions / forwards figure of 8 around a prop / lie down cross paws and change paws / briefly beg / paw and change of paws / retrieve articles / heelwork in 8 positions - forwards, (backwards,) sideways and pivot, at fast, slow or normal pace

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