Christina Oxtoby

Wilma - Legacy's Chunky Monkey - D.O.B. - 27.12.13WilmaDaisy.jpg

  • Basset Hound with Lemon and White markings. Wilma is a rescued girl who arrived on the 15th March 2015, aged 14 and a half months. She is delightful, exhausting and a lot of fun!
  • As well as working hard to make up her own house rules (we're currently writing the highly amusing book of Naughty Wilma Stories including bringing the garden into the house, stolen church cakes and various escaping!) she is just starting to compete in HTM Freestyle, and is part of the HTM display team at Crufts 2017. 
Wilma's photos courtesy of Heather Preece Photography. (A variety of beautiful and funny stock photos of Wilma are now available for purchase.)

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