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October 2016
15th October - CHOIR - Meeting and teaching a song to Voices Unplugged
14th October - DOGS - HTM Essex
13th October - DOGS - Jo Hill training day at Tollerton
8th October - CHOIR - Gospel Choir sing for Long Sutton Baptist's 175 celebration
8th October - DOGS - HTM Cambridge
September 2016
17th-18th September - DOGS - HTM Competition Paws in the Park, Kent
16th September - DOGS - HTM Essex
10th-11th September - DOGS - HTM competition at Tomlinsons
8th September - DOGS - Jo Hill training day at Tollerton
2nd-4th September - DOGS - ICC Dog Activity Holiday
August 2016
27th August - DOGS - HTM competition at Forest Oak Farm, judging and competing
19th August - DOGS - HTM Essex
11th August - DOGS - Jo Hill training day at Tollerton
July 2016
30th-31st July - CHOIR - Sing Out Sunday Weekend with Mark De-Lisser in London
23rd July - DOGS - HTM Cambridge
17th July - DOGS - All of my dogs do displays at Hillsborough Park as part of the Sheffield Wednesday Football Owls in the Park celebrations. We were invited by Assistance Dogs
16th July - CHOIR - Simply Sing Concert
15th July - DOGS - HTM Essex
14th July - DOGS - Jo Hill training day at Tollerton
9th July - DOGS - HTM competition at Angelsey
June 2016
17th June - DOGS - HTM Essex
13th June - MUSIC - Congratulations to Lotty for her great result in her piano exam
12th June - CHOIR - The Gospel Choir sing for the Queen's Birthday street party in Tydd
11th June - DOGS - I took an HTM workshop for Lincs Dog Training
9th June - DOGS - Jo Hill training day at Tollerton
3rd-4th June - DOGS - HTM competition Scotland, judging and competing
May 2016
28th May - DOGS - HTM Cambridge
27th May - DOGS - HTM Essex
21st May - DOGS - HTM competition at Rugby, Paws n Music
14th May - DOGS - HTM competition at Tomlinsons
12th May - DOGS - Jo Hill training day at Tollerton
1st May - DOGS - My dogs perform for the Animal Health Trust open day as a thank you for all of their help with looking after both Eze and Shai. 
April 2016
30th April - CHOIR - Simply Sing has an enjoyable folk songs workshop with Chris Rowbury
22nd April - DOGS - HTM Essex
16th April - DOGS - HTM Cambridge
14th April - DOGS - Jo Hill training day at Tollerton
March 2016
23rd March - DOGS - Ru and Wilma are asked to be models and pose beautifully for the art group. 
19th March - DOGS - HTM comp Westglen
18th March - DOGS - HTM Essex
15th March - DOGS - Happy Gotcha Day to Wilma
5th March - DOGS - HTM Cambridge
February 2016
26th February - DOGS - HTM Essex
23rd February - DOGS - Eze and I do talk and demo for Terrington Young Farmers  
20th February - DOGS - HTM Rules and Regulations seminar Kath Hardman
18th February - DOGS - Home check for Hope rescue  
11th February - DOGS - Jo Hill training day at Tollerton  
6th February - DOGS - Cambridge HTM
January 2016
30th January - DOGS - Unable to go to Crufts semis  
29th January - DOGS - Puppy class Westmere, including the school puppy
22th January - DOGS - HTM Essex
16th January - DOGS - Cambridge HTM 
14th January - DOGS - Jo Hill training day at Tollerton  
13th January - CHOIR - Gospel Choir sings for local carers, then goes for New Year meal out  

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